TECHNOPOLY is a report from the think tank ResPublica which looks at current trends around Big Tech and what needs to be done in terms of benefit and control: Reform, Redress and Regulation.
โ€œWhile Facebook, which enjoys a virtual monopoly, with its 2 billion users it has hoovered up 69 companies since 2007. Given the massive investment and high barriers to entry, this would meet almost any definition of a sector in crisis, but until the Cambridge Analytica scandal, few in power showed any concern โ€“ Even fewer understood the business model, which saw affiliates profiteering from the large scale harvesting and mining of personal data.โ€ You can find the report on this link

โ€œWhat we are calling for is a radical overhaul of how the sector is regulated as the concentration in the market continues at an alarming pace. Since 2001, Google alone has bought up 215 companies. Worryingly the pace of these aggressive acquisitions is increasing โ€“ 167 companies since 2008.”

Tim Cowen, EU competition law expert and co-author of the report

Follow this link for more information about the the term technopoly which was developed in Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology a book by Neil Postman published in 1992 that describes the development and characteristics of a “technopoly”. He defines a technopoly as a society in which technology is deified, meaning โ€œthe culture seeks its authorisation in technology, finds its satisfactions in technology, and takes its orders from technologyโ€. It is characterised by a surplus of information generated by technology, which technological tools are in turn employed to cope with, in order to provide direction and purpose for society and individuals.[1]

Follow this link to listen to Neil Postman talk about his book:

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