The Invidious Control of the Media

So the link between new media technologies, corporate ownership and the media is . . . ‘Manufacturing Consent?’ Think about:

~ patterns of ownership and control, including conglomerate mergers, vertical / horizontal integration and diversification

~ the impact of economic factors, including commercial and not-for-profit aims and intentions

Some such as theorist, academic and intellectual Noam Chomsky, that the media is a mechanism that is deliberately used by the rich and the powerful (the elite) as a way of ‘Manufacturing Consent’

If you want to a good documentary film that explores the way “uniformed electorate make irrational decisions” Chomsky, watch the film Get Me Roger Stone . . .

Task 2: reading and thinking

“The link between media ownership of news organisations and news coverage is not easy to determine”

The Sociology of News Production by Michael Schudson.

Read this hand out and extract 3-4 short pithy quotes (that you could use in your exam answer) that helps to show your understanding and knowledge ie make sense to you. For example . . . .

  • the suggestion that the news media ‘reinforces’ a political situation (Murdock, 1982), or the idea that
  • different stances different news organisations or types of organisations take toward different audiences in the marketplace‘ (Curran et al, 1980), or
  • the proposition that “major media conglomerates control more and more of the world’s media. Where media are not controlled by organisations, they are generally voices of the state.”
  • the propaganda model that the media ‘serve to mobilize support for the special interests that dominate the state and private activity‘ (Chomsky, 1988)

So how does this process of ‘manipulation’ or ‘persuasion’ work?

1.Structures of ownership

2.The role of advertising

3.Links with ‘The Establishment’

4.Diversionary tactics – ‘flack’

5.Uniting against a ‘common enemy’

In another approach, we can suggest that the media are ‘agenda setting’, look at this powerpoint to understand what this could mean in terms of The iAGENDA SETTING





In summary, we need to be able to read the signs . . .

In other words, the media are biased!

In terms of setting an agenda and mapping a clear political bias watch the video below where anchors at Sinclair-owned local news stations parrot a script pushing Trump talking points and β€œthe troubling trend of irresponsible, one sided news stories plaguing our country.”

So can we trust the media?

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