The Aim of this post is to provide a teaching resource for looking at the topic of REGULATION in terms of MEDIA STUDIES. Please feel free to use, share, edit, adapt, adopt etc etc . . . πŸ€—


Republicans predict Elon Musk will unleash ‘free speech’ on Twitter while Democrats panic over misinformation


Get students to express their own ideas in relation to Musk’s take-over bid for Twitter. Ask students to simply state their own case for regulation, censorship and control – or lack of it. Get students to sit in a horseshoe that indicates: FOR v AGAINST CENSORHSIP, REGULATION AND CONTROL. This will indicate either a LIBERTARIAN or AUTHORITARIAN PERSPECTIVE. This is a key conceptual approach that can be revisited by completing the Political Bias activity on the next page.

Hopefully the discussion will focus on the need to speak-up. Make a clear link between the benefits and drawbacks of saying what you think. Underline the role of the (mass) media in SELECTING, GATE-KEEPING & AMPLIFYING particular conversations and ideas.

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