Buy, Read, Share: 10 suggestions for wider reading.

Some ideas for wider reading . . . including some extracts, e-links and places to purchase. Enjoy 😀!

  1. Shoshana Zuboff (2019) THE AGE OF SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM – looking at new technology and behaviour management. Big book. Big ideas. Big criticism and intellectual insight into the operations of Big Data. This is a book that definitely needs to be read in any course looking to critically engage with media, culture and technology. Guardian review here
  2. Another recent insight into the shifts in news media as it encounters the digital world, as well as a background understanding to the relationship between media (news) – society – the state – individuals etc is BREAKING NEWS (2018) by Alan Rusbridger (amazon link)
  3. A set of three books that look at aspects of media (news / information), power and control. 1) FAKE NEWS vs MEDIA STUDIES (2019) by Julian McDougall; 2) DIGITAL, POLITICAL, RADICAL (2017) Natalie Fenton & 3) CAPITALIST REALISM (2009) Mark Fisher the K-Punk
  4. I would also recommend that you look at this recent book WTF (2017) by Robert Peston. Here is a sample (badly copied 🙄) from Chapter 3 the Age of Emotion, that looks at the shift in news information gathering and dissemination in the light of new media technologies.
  5. MASS MEDIA & SOCIETY (2010), by James Curran and Michael Gurevitch which looks at ideas around a ‘Critical, Political & Economic‘ approach to the media, link to 5th edition here. For more work from James Curran look at this PDF / book called MEDIA AND POWER (2002) and of course the key text is POWER WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY (8th edition 2018) – to buy old editions for 1 pence follow this link
  6. THE USES OF LITERACY: ASPECTS OF WORKING CLASS LIFE (first published in 1957, latest print 2009), Richard Hoggart. Recognised as one of the founding figures of ‘Cultural Studies’. Fantastic opening sentence alluding to the ‘bloodless revolution‘ that has ‘lead most of us to inhabit an almost flat plain‘. One of the first key texts to raise the arguments around the impact of mass media on working class culture and society.
  7. Following on from above you could also read some chapters from AN INTRODUCTION TO THE THE THEORIES OF POPULAR CULTURE, (1995) in this free e-link. By Dominic Strinati it’s a good resource to introduce particular topics on media (film, TV, advertising etc), or for introducing a media studies course. For example, the following extract: Strinati Popular Culture
  8. MEDIA, GENDER & IDENTITY (2002) by David Gauntlett (find his blog here) look particularly at Chapter 5 that looks at ‘structuration theory‘ by Anthony Giddens, theories around how society (structures) make an impact on individuals (agents).
  9. To investigate these ideas in more detail read MODERNITY AND SELF-IDENTITY: SELF & SOCIETY IN THE LATE MODERN AGE (1991), by Anthony Giddens. You can find some ideas and extracts from this book on this post.
  10. Finally, AQA MEDIA STUDIES FOR A LEVEL YEAR 1 / YEAR 2 (2017), by Stephanie Hendry and Elspeth Stevenson key topics, ideas and approaches that you would need for the AQA A level. There are also AS / A level revision guides, have a look here

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