Channel TV- Week 3

Today I was shadowing India Camm the programme  this is the position I thought I would enjoy most because it involves planning as well as creating. However after working with India I have seen that the Programme editor has to be in charge of most of the people in the office and therefore has to be on the ball 24/7 which means it is much harder than i expected.  India is in charge of broadcast preparation and production.

Broadcast preparation involves making sure the stories which have been planned for that day are assigned to a reporter who can execute the work the best. This is all decided at the morning meeting where it is made sure the reporters know the stories they are reporting on. I-News in the program where the template of the evenings stories are set out. Each story has a code and can be opened out like a spreadsheet to see if any information of the story has been added. Each Story is assigned an amount of time so that the programme fits half an hour however if the reporters could ask for more time on their package and therefore time has to be taken from other places in the programme so that it still fits.

Floating time is time in the programme that is not being used so it is spare. for the evening programme floating time can be up to a minute. This allows the reporters to talk naturally to each other and move slightly away from the prompter so it seems more natural. Channel TV has also recently got a satellite truck which means they can do live broadcasts. when there is a live broadcast the floating time is important because if the live runs over they need the spare time. If the floating time is not enough India’s job is to edit the programme as it is happening. This could mean cutting an interview short or editing the prompter.

It is also important for India to ensure that the programme is going to be completed on time. This means being in constant communication with the reporters and editors to make sure they are back in time.  One the package is in the programme it appears as online which means it has been edited and inputted and is ready to be shown. Most of the reporters write there own words for the story however it is India’s job to make it all sound like the same creative voice which gives the programme continuity.

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