Photographic Archive-week 4 and 5

On my third week at the photographic archive there was less for me to do but I continued with research into the Francis Foot collection and had a look through some photographs that were taken around his old shop during the 1980’s. The Foot logo can be seen in the background of these, clearer than it currently is. I found this interesting because it shows how the area has been a background to social changes through-out the decades.

img_20161103_144613 img_20161103_144639

On my fourth week we met with a man from the National Trust who is involved in the reconstruction of the old  Foot shop and other historical buildings in Pitt street.  We went through the collection with him because the photographs taken by Foot outside of the shop as well as the interior should be useful when they are in the process of refurbishment.  He also showed us some photographs that he had taken inside the building and one of Francis Foot’s original photographs fond in an envelope behind a mirror when they took it down. We also spoke about the possibility of myself and Gareth being able to gain access to the inside of the building which I think would be a really good opportunity for me to take some interesting photographs.  I have already done a few shoots looking at the exteriors of the buildings which are in the process of being repaired and refurbished. Below are a few of the raw photographs from these shoots. Although the scaffolding conceals them quite a lot the Foot logo can still be seen on the wall, albeit very faded.

img_0803 img_0818 img_0827 img_0873

img_0998 img_1007


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