JEP – week 2

This week I was able to write piece about different people’s style and where they get their inspiration, I had to get pictures of six different people and ask the questions about who inspires their look and why they dress the way they dress. I decided to use people from school and write an article about teenagers and finding their own individual style while still at school where there is a dress code.┬áRamsay and Anthony helped me put it together, they also took my picture in case they publish it, but I don’t know if it will actually be in the JEP.

I was also asked to put together a commentary article about how women are now buying more trainers than high heels and what I think about and why I think that that has happened. By doing this I was able to learn different type of writing techniques as what I was writing was a commentary which, is my ideas about something. Which is different from a news article which is factual.

I was also given a task to write an article about finding an alternative to tacky Christmas jumpers. I would have to go to town and find more stylish substitutes to cheesy Christmas jumpers.

This week was also the week of the careers fair and the JEP provided a task for the kids there to do if they were interested in journalism. They would have to write about something that has happened to them this year and send it into the JEP and then the best one will be chosen.

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