Channel TV- Week 2

This week I was working with Chris Hesketh who is a News Editor for Channel TV. Again when I arrived there was a planning meeting in progress. We discussed the prospects sheet which is put together everyday and contains a list of prospective stories. This is then given to Chris who is a news editor to gather information about the story to make it a package. There were also stories that had been continued and updated such as the Pride of Britain awards. The story had to be continuous without becoming tedious and so new information had to be gathered by Chris.

We then went over to Chris’s station. As there was no work that I could help with and all the reporters ha gone out I decided to ask him about his role. He told me that before he can begin his work a news gatherer has to find prospective stories that could be turned into a package. The gatherer uses a range of media to find news such as the Internet, Radio and newspaper. All of the different medias use each  other to see what they are reporting on.

The news editor then has to find out what will be worth pursuing and find facts to complete the story. A running order is then put together with the completed stories. Every morning at 9am the news editor has a meeting with the reporters to make sure they understand the story and the order.

Whilst I was sat with Chris he was looking through the JEP to see what news could be reported on as well as looking through his emails. There is a special email that press releases and prospective stories are sent to.

I then went to see the Lunch time show in the gallery. This was a very different experience from last time when I watched the evening show. This time there were only three people in the gallery because full stories were not being reported on and because it wasn’t a full length programme. It was easier to see the individual jobs especially seeing more closely how the producer has to press the buttons to control the backgrounds and to cue the reporters so they are exactly on time.

I then went to sit with another news editor. She was finding quotes on the Channel TV Facebook page to use in the programme about the Ice rink because it had the most comments on the page. We found the quotes and then changed then copied them into the quote template that would show up on screen however we changed what the reporters would say on the autocue so that they weren’t just reading it word for word.

She was also writing the autocue for the introduction of the stories. These were only three lines each because they were to followed by a video which was the full story. She told me the language had to be formal because it was the news however it also had to be colloquial so it sounded conversational so the audience felt involved in the news. I found using the software extremely interesting because what we were typing were the exact words being used in the programme which I found really interesting because we were actually creating the programme rather than gathering information which is important but  found it less interesting.

This week there was not as much for me to do because Chris had already fond most of the information that he needed however I found it interesting learning about his career.

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