Photographic archive- Week 2 and The Jersey Skills show


On Thursday I had my second day at the Photographic Archive. Firstly I went to the Framing Workshop to pick up the images which had been put in window mounts for the ‘Portraits of Childhood ‘ display. We were mostly preparing everything for the Jersey skills show today but Gareth also discussed with me a possible idea for a photography project.  We talked about the photography of Francis Foot (born 1885) whose family ran two shops in  Dumaresq Street and Pitt Street from where Francis worked as a photographer. They sold gramophones and the ‘HMV’ logo is still visible on the wall of Pitt street.  Some of Foot’s work was published as postcards but many of his images feature portraits of his family. 



Recently there has been concern about plans to demolish the Foot family’s old shop along with other historical buildings in Pitt Street and Dumaresq street. These are now owed by the Co-op who are planning significant developments in the Charing cross area.  After a long running debate it has now been decided that these some of these buildings are being given to the National Trust who will be able to restore them. Some more information on this can be found on these ITV and Co-op news links.

I was intrigued by the idea that the photography of Francis Foot relates to a current issue and development. This might be worth exploring because it relates to my interest in local history as well as photography.  We also spoke about the photography of Albert Foot because  Gareth thought he may have been related to Francis. However we couldn’t find a connection but I was interested by the fact that Albert Foot was arrested during the occupation for his photography and would like to find out more about this. I am going to look into all of these ideas further and conduct some research to expand my understanding on it.


We also went up to Fort Regent to help set up the ‘Creative Pathways’ stand. We had banners to display as well as the boards showing the images for the Portraits of Childhood activity. We had printed worksheets about this as well to give out to the students which explains how the 18 portraits of children were taken in Jersey with one from every decade since the invention of photography. The task was to guess which decade each image was from and the worksheet explains that the answers are on the website to encourage them to look at it.  There was also other information to give out for those who were interested such as the Société Jersiaise newsletter and information on the Autumn Lunchtime Talks.


On Friday students came to the skills show with their schools and I was there for the day helping with the Creative Pathways stand. On Saturday the show was open to the public and I was there for part of the morning.  As well as the things from the Photographic Archive we had information from other places involved in the scheme such as the JEP and BBC.  We also had some equipment from Hautlieu to let the students experiment with the cameras, sound recorders and Photoshop. Generally we provided information about how the Creative Pathways program  connects school study with experience in  professional creative organisations. Hopefully this provided information for those who might be interested in a creative career.

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