JEP – Week One


For my first week at the JEP, I got to look around the place and see what the different departments do and how everything works together. I went to the page designers to see how the paper is put together after the articles have been written. This was interesting because I was shown that they have set templates that they use for the paper because it has a certain look that the readers know and like. they also told me about they way that pull out sections of the paper were different and how they were designed differently to the paper itself.

I started planning for a article that I would write about different peoples fashion, where they shop and who inspires them. this is a very good opportunity for me as it will help me with my writing skills and learn how to write for publication, it was also good because it was my first day and I was able to get stuck in straight away.

I also got to look at a press release and re-work it into a news article. this was also very interesting to see how this process works by learning as I was doing it, also being able to do this on my first week was fun.

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