Channel TV- Week 1


Today I started my work placement at Channel TV.  This week I was shadowing Daniel Skipp who was working on the web for this week. The roles that the employees at Channel change regularly so each week they are assigned a new role.

When I first arrived their was a meeting being held and I was able to sit in on it before I started my work on the web. The meeting was to discuss what items could be used in the upcoming programmes. Because multiple “packages” are filmed in advance the best ones can be chosen or depending if there is limited new they can use one of the older packages. The meeting was interesting to see the planning side of the programme. The meeting took place in an open part of the office so it seemed more casual and easier to discuss ideas.

I then started working with Daniel. He was watching the live link to the States Chambers because they were voting on new bills. As soon as a bill was passed he made a post of the Channel TV Twitter or Facebook account. It was interesting seeing the way in which social media can be used to attract different audiences and to release breaking news without the programme being on air.

Daniel gave me two press releases to read. I then had to select the best parts which could become a post for the Channel TV website. It was great to have the opportunity to publish work on the website on the first week even if it was two short articles.

Once I had done those I had to research Gambling Addiction Help in the Channel Islands. This was because the main story of the day was about Gambling Addiction and how the states weren’t offering enough support. A corresponding article was posted on the website and the Help websites were posted on the bottom.

After lunch I was able to go out with Katie. We went to La Collette to film a piece about it being active for 50 years. Before we went to the Power station the cameraman wanted an establishing shot of the power station from above. We then went to the power station and interviewed men who had worked at the station when it first opened an the longest serving employee which was very enjoyable.

I stayed later so I could watch the programme from the gallery. This is where the director sits with the producer. They have to queue the presenters and change the script of the programme if they have more time. There is also a counter to make sure the presenters know how much time is left on each section so if there is floating time the director can tell the presenters to add lib.

We had to be in the gallery 45 minutes before the programme started to film a promo and to film the actual opening so it could be ran at exactly the right time. Seeing behind the scenes was extremely interesting. The director had to ensure the programme ran smoothly as it was all live. It was also interesting seeing the section I saw being filmed being shown on the programme. Most of the footage that was recorded didn’t make it into the programme it took two hours to film for a two minute segment. I hope in the coming weeks I can see how the turn the footage into a segment.







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